Uvendia as Event Manager

Next to my Job as a Software Engineer, I have another business where I organize events. Some events are free, and some are required to buy a ticket to get in. A few years ago (2014), I have been looking around for a cheap ticket service to sell ticket, but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything. Those available where charging too much service fee.

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Cloudinary as Media Storage

Cloudinary is, like they call themselves, The Media Full Stack of the moment. Cloudinary offers an incredibly feature-rich image and video platform for (web) app developers. Used by small teams to very large companies, Cloudinary scales to any requirement with zero compromise on quality of service.

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Uvendia as NuGet package

As you may have noticed, Uvendia E-commerce system can only be installed by NuGet.

Install-Package Uvendia.Domain 

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Using background jobs for a fully automated e-commerce system

As your e-commerce business grows, orders are coming very frequently each day, you can start automating some tasks that you normally spent a few minutes doing when processing each order.
On the long run this can save you a significant amount of time so you can better focus on some other areas of your business.

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Using microservices with Uvendia

Uvendia E-commerce can be used in a Monolithic architecture but also in a Microservices architecture. Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services

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Non-Functional Requirements of Uvendia

Uvendia E-commerce is built on 4 basic non-functional requirements: Performance, Flexibility, Scalability and Simplicity. After experiencing several e-commence components out there on the market, they always lack on all these 4 issues. So, to break this cycle, Uvendia is born.

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