Uvendia as event manager

Posted on October 29, 2019 by Sherlon Gerard

Next to my Job as a Software Engineer, I have another business where I organize events. Some events are free, and some are required to buy a ticket to get in. A few years ago (2014), I have been looking around for a cheap ticket service to sell ticket, but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything. Those available where charging too much service fee.
Out there is a company charging 2.5% of the ticket value, plus $0.99 per ticket, along with an additional 3.5% for credit card processing. RIDICULOUS!!

So, I thought "what the hack", I'm going to build my own Ticket System from where I'm going to sell tickets to my visitors without any additional fees. So, that's how Uvendia actually started, as an Event Management System.

Uvendia makes it possible to manage Events and sell tickets on your own website. No more charging your customers too much additional service fees!

How does it works?

It is actually very easy.
Step 1
You can start by creating an Event.

Step 2
Go to the 'Tab:Ticket(s)' and start configuring your tickets. Please, check out our documentation section for more information about this.

Step 3
After configuring your events, you can start building your front-end. The Uvendia package has all the tools necessary to fetch events, add a single or multiple event to a customer's basket. For a real-life example please visit demo.snuffo.com/events. For the source-code, please go to GitHub.


codeREADr is a barcode & NFC scanning app used for ticket scanning, attendance tracking, inventory and asset tracking, guest lists, access control, lead retrieval and tracking security and maintenance workers.
Uvendia provides a functionality to generates a .csv file, that can be uploaded into the codeREADr database. To scan tickets on my events, I use codeREADr. But of course, you can use another app to scan your tickets.

In case you are missing any additional feature, let us know! You can also sign up for one of our Support packages we have to offer. Our Support Team will be happy to help with any new feature you want.